Thursday, March 23, 2023

MG manager and employees allegedly ‘confined, killed’ father over car delivery delay : Ghaus Gondal

According to reports from the Punjab capital, a man named Ghaus Gondal turned to his social media account to explain the narrative behind his father’s alleged death during a dispute with employees of a car company, which he described as “heartbreaking.”

He explained in a video message that his father had gone to the dealership with his driver while he was not present because the company had assured them that they would receive the vehicle after an extended amount of time.

Despite collecting the remaining payment, the company refused to deliver the vehicle, which infuriated the man, who began berating them for bad customer service and unfulfilled promises on his behalf. He went on to say that they had booked it in February 2021 and that it was supposed to arrive in July of this year.

The event then generated a violent debate between the two parties, with the General Manager becoming involved with the individual and engaging in provocative behaviour against him. My father’s health deteriorated as a result of the dispute, which escalated into a brawl, and he was forced to leave the premises, the man can be heard stating in the videotape.

Moreover, he stated that when my father left the premises, a group of approximately 15 individuals, including the manager, surrounded him and refused to allow him to leave the area until he got into his car and drove away. My driver also informed the charged men about the condition of his boss, but it was all for naught.

All of them waited and wouldn’t let my father leave until he fainted after losing consciousness, he explained, adding that his father had also approached law enforcement officials, but that no one came to his help to save him. ‘They only permitted them to stay till he breathed his last on the spot,’ he explained, tears streaming down his face.

The individual who made serious allegations against MG employees also demanded to speak with the mall’s security guards, claiming to have video evidence to back up his claims.

At the conclusion of the video, the bereaved man addresses a group of Pakistani businessmen and the head of a private automobile firm, claiming that his company has failed to deliver on its promises. He further accused him of maintaining close ties with prominent people in order to avoid being caught in such a predicament.

He has also confirmed the registration of a case in the wake of the tragic tragedy, stating that he will pursue all those responsible and bring them to justice.

The official description of the occurrence from the officials of the vehicle industry is awaited by Daily Pakistan.

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