#MeToo Movement: Harvey Weinstein to pay sexual abuse victims $17 millions

NEW YORK: A US liquidation judge has affirmed a $17 million payout to many ladies who blamed imprisoned film maker Harvey Weinstein for sexual abuse.

Weinstein, 68, was sentenced to 23 years in jail a year ago subsequent to being indicted for assault and rape.

Delaware Judge Mary Walrath on Monday consented to the Weinstein Company’s liquidation plan, which puts aside the installment.

She overruled the complaints of a few of Weinstein’s casualties who grumbled that the settlement kept them from seeking after other legitimate cases.

The cash will be part between 37 ladies, which means they are each liable to get six-figure entireties.

Legal counselors addressing a few casualties had before criticized the proposed settlement as deficient.

Eight informers who dismissed the settlement will have the option to sue the ex-Hollywood investor later.

Weinstein was seen as liable in February 2020 of a criminal sexual act in the main degree and assault in an exhaustive cross-examination in a milestone decision for the #MeToo development.

His sentence covered a noteworthy destruction for the “Raw Fiction” maker who was blamed for long periods of abhorrent ruthless conduct by just about 90 ladies, including Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek.

The Weinstein Company looked into going chapter 11 in March 2018 after the torrential slide of cases. Light Capital, later renamed Spyglass Media Group, purchased its resources for $289 million.

Weinstein is additionally anticipating preliminary in Los Angeles on assault and rape charges including five ladies.

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