Friday, December 1, 2023

Meta gives 125M Rupees to help flood victims

Meta gives 125M Rupees to UNICEF, Hands, and also Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA) to help flood victims. In response to the terrible floods in Pakistan.

The money serves to help people in Sindh, Punjab, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, and Balochistan when they are in trouble. It is also going to feed and house people in need and get kids back to school.

As flooding started, many people used Facebook’s Safety Check feature to let loved ones know they were okay before sending them a gift. People can use the Community Help feature on the Crisis page to ask. Accept help from people in other communities.

Pakistan is in the middle of one of the worst natural disasters in recent times. Millions of people are effete, says Jordi Fornies, director of new markets for Meta in the Asia-Pacific. He said Meta and the whole country are coming together to help flood victims get through this tough time”.

He went on to say, “We hope that our donations will help the communities affected by the disaster. Our thoughts are with these communities and families as they try to get back on their feet.”

Meta has also started a program called “Disaster Maps” as part of its “Data for Good” initiative. Which shares information with local organizations that help people in need. CrisisReady, which is a partnership between Direct Relief and Harvard University. Is one of these groups that have done work to combine different data sets into scenario reports that thousands of first responders use on a regular basis?

Michael J. Nyenhuis, President, and CEO of UNICEF USA say that the recent monsoon rains are having a big effect on millions of people, including children.

We need a lot of help to keep helping people in Pakistan. Provide for the children and their families, especially since winter is coming to some parts of the country in just a few weeks. For all her efforts, he said, “we want to appreciate Meta.”

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Communities on all of Meta’s platforms have given more than a million dollars to help organizations dealing with the aftermath of the recent flooding. Non-governmental organizations with a strong international presence also have given a lot of money through Instagram and Facebook.

The CEO of ITA, Baela Raza Jamil, said, “We will rebuild schools and make sure there are 2nd Chance Accelerated Learning programs with life skills (psychosocial support, climate change, and digital literacy).”

“This is a comprehensive and all-inclusive plan for #BuildingBackBetter that incorporates families, communities, schools, parents, and children. Particularly adolescent girls and teachers who are integrated into government systems for successful emergency response and preparedness,” she said.

Meta is always on the lookout for novel ways to aid relief organizations. The local populace, and those most in need.

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