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Meta Annual Marketing Summit Will Help Pakistan Businesses Get Future-Ready

On September 29, 2022, Meta will host its annual Marketing Summit in a number of Asian and Pacific countries, including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, and also Sri Lanka.

At the Summit, world and regional leaders will talk about Business Messaging, Metaverse & Marketing, Discovery Commerce, Creators for Business, and also many other topics.

The Summit, which is happening for the fourth time in Southeast Asia, will include these countries for the first time.

Michelle Klein, VP of Global Business Marketing, and Benjamin Joe, VP of Southeast Asia and also Emerging Markets. Talk about the future of businesses in the metaverse and how Meta is helping to grow the metaverse ecosystem by working with other businesses, experts, and policymakers.

In the second session, Jordi Fornies, Meta’s Director for Emerging Markets in the Asia Pacific. Rafael Frankel, the company’s Public Policy Director for Emerging Markets in the Asia Pacific. Talk about Meta’s core beliefs about making products that help people connect, discover communities, and grow businesses.

Also, they will talk about some of the great companies which have changed their business models to deal with problems. Some of the programs that are helping businesses in these growing APAC regions improve their digital skills and change.

This year’s Meta annual Marketing Summit is always held in Pakistan, which makes us very happy. Jordi Fornies, Director for Emerging Markets at Meta in the Asia Pacific. He said, “This year, under the theme ‘Where today meets tomorrow. We will dive into the key trends and technologies to help businesses and communities select opportunities to grow their businesses and drive economic growth.”

Jordi said, “This annual Summit is a great chance for people to share their ideas and thoughts and make important connections with others.”

Meta is with us to help businesses of all sizes in Pakistan grow and succeed. Whether they are multinational conglomerates or one-person operations.

Meta’s Global State of Small Businesses report. Which came out earlier this year, found that 75% of women-led SMBs and 83% of men-led SMBs around the world that use the Facebook platform said they were operational or doing things that brought in money.

Even more, 35% of SMBs in Pakistan and 34% of SMBs in the Philippines planned to only do business in person.

As more Pakistani companies overcome problems and realize their full potential as a result of COVID19. They will start to wonder how to best adapt to the rapidly changing technology landscape.

Jordi said, “This is one of the questions we wish to know global and regional marketing experts like Gary Vaynerchuck, Chairman of VaynerX and CEO of VaynerMedia, and Eva Chen, VP, Fashion Partnerships at Meta.”

How to Get Did start

Meta gives you three different ways to take part in the online-only Meta Marketing Summit. So you can choose how you want to do it.

  • To start, you can watch the Summit all day tomorrow with interactive features like Live Q&A. With Meta experts who can answer your questions.
  • Second, the Watch Anytime library has all of the sessions. So you can choose which ones to watch or just look through them at your own pace.
  • Third, if you’re on the go or don’t have much time. You can listen to podcasts that give short summaries of our main content.

On the Meta Marketing Summit website, you can get to these options between September 29 and also October 31, 2022.

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