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Met Gala Ban Celebrity: Anna Wintour Reveals the One Celebrity Who Will Never Be Allowed at the Met Gala

  • Anna Wintour, the curator of the Met Gala guest list, has banned one celebrity from ever attending again.
  • The only celebrity who has been explicitly banned is Donald Trump, who attended some Met Balls between 2004-2012.
  • Other celebrities, like Demi Lovato, have refused to attend the Met Gala due to cliquish behavior and other issues.

The Met Gala is one of the most highly-anticipated fashion events of the year, attracting A-list celebrities from around the world. Vogue’s editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, curates the guest list each year, carefully selecting who will attend the exclusive event.

This year, the Met Gala 2023 will celebrate the work of the late Karl Lagerfeld, and attending stars will pay homage to the designer and support philanthropic causes.

Donald Trump: The Only Celebrity Banned from the Met Gala

Each year, top celebrities from all walks of life flock to the event to showcase their best fashion looks and rub shoulders with the industry’s elite.

However, there is one celebrity who is explicitly banned from attending the Met Gala, according to Anna Wintour, the event’s curator. And that celebrity is none other than former US President Donald Trump.

Although Trump has attended some Met Galas in the past, his attendance at the event was cut off after 2012. In October 2017, Wintour officially declared that he would never be invited back on her watch.

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Wintour’s announcement came after Trump’s controversial presidency and his divisive policies, which have caused widespread criticism and protests. As the head of Vogue and a prominent figure in the fashion industry, Wintour’s decision to ban Trump from the Met Gala reflects her personal beliefs and the values of the industry as a whole.

While some celebrities are guaranteed to make appearances at the Met Gala every year, others have opted out. Singer Demi Lovato attended the event in 2016 but has since refused to return. According to Billboard, Demi claimed that the event was “very cliquey” and that one celebrity was a “complete b****” and “miserable to be around.” The singer left the event and went straight to an AA meeting to cope with their discomfort.

Met Gala Ban Celebrity FAQs

Why is Donald Trump not allowed at the Met Gala?

Anna Wintour, the curator of the guest list, has banned him from ever attending again.

Are there other celebrities who are not welcome at the Met Gala?

While there have been rumors of certain stars who are not welcome, Donald Trump is the only celebrity who Anna Wintour has explicitly banned.

Why have some celebrities refused to attend the Met Gala?

Some have cited the event’s cliquish atmosphere or uncomfortable experiences as reasons for not attending, like Demi Lovato who left the event early and went to an AA meeting.

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