Monday, December 11, 2023

Mena Suvari boldly admits about being a survivor of sex assault

Bravely, at the age of 12 Mena Suvari disclosed that she was a victim of repeated sexual assault.

When she became twenty, the actress rocketed a global renown because of her leading parts in adolescent comedy ‘American Pie’ and drama ‘American Beauty’ and while Mena now confessed that she was “leaving two lives,” trying to treat the abuse she had experienced over a number of years, looked to live out her aspirations.

She says in her latest book, ‘The Great Peace: A Memory,’ published by PEOPLE: “I have been the victim of recurrent sexual assault between the ages of 12 and 20.”

At the age of fifteen, Mena then travelled to Hollywood to become an actress. However, she always blamed the rape for “allowing it to happen.”

Because of her believing she didn’t have “any other choices,” she didn’t fight because a manager she trusted and then compelled her to have a sexual intercourse with herself.

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