Monday, December 4, 2023

Men from Karachi were sentenced to prison for unlawfully distributing Covid-19 vaccinations

Three guys, who have been detained for distributing unlicensed coronavirus vaccine, have been brought to prison by a court of Karachi.

On Saturday when their physical remand was finished, the suspects were brought before the court. According to the police, the police admitted the crime during the interrogation with Aman, Mohammed Sultan and Mohammed Zeeshan.

“So far, more than 60 people have been vaccinated,” stated the investigator. A single dosage was sold for Rs15,000 of Pfizer vaccine.

The accused told the police that a government official who held half of the income received the dosages.

In the following hearing, the judge directed the police to report on the progress and to challeng the case.

Both coronavirus vaccinations are illegally available in the country. For purchasing only Sputnik is available.

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