Sunday, October 1, 2023

Mel B’s startling statement on new BBC docuseries racism discovery

Mel B’s stunning admission in the new BBC docuseries Mel B was “shocked” to uncover racism in middle America in a new BBC docuseries.

In a three-part documentary, the Leeds-born singer followed in the “footsteps of an intrepid Victorian explorer,” Isabella Bird.

Mel claimed she thought “incidents of racism” had lessened during her journey, but that changed following a trip to Colorado, which is 61.6% white, per MailOnline.

Mel met two sisters who were lasso champions and had to “fight harder” because of their heritage.

The singer said, “What astonished me most is that people of colour in Colorado, whether mixed or brown, had it harder.”

“We met two lasso champion sisters who told us how hard they had to work,” said the 47-year-old.

“They went to an all-white school,” Mel explained, “and you’d think… sure, in remote outback it’s primarily white.”

“I believed there wasn’t as much racism as when my mother had me 47 years ago, but it’s still there,” she said.

TV personality: “It’s transformed my outlook.”

Mel said, “I always find myself looking, and I’ll never change that, but it reminded me that it’s getting scarcer.”

“It’s tougher, especially in Colorado, to discover pockets or communities of colour, and hearing their tales was brilliant,” she said.

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