Saturday, September 23, 2023

Mehwish Hayat feels that if a cricketer can become Prime Minister, an actress may as well

Actor Mehwish Hayat‘s career path is seeking for new frontiers. In a recent interview, the performer expressed her wish for a debut in the political arena of Pakistan, aiming to achieve the highest post in the country.

The actor Mehwish Hayat has shared her ideas on Aik Din Geo Ke Sath politics.

The star told the host that her political interest has increased over the past several years during a Q&A session. “I want to explore anything as a topic,” Hayat remarked with excitement.

When the host questioned the actor if he would pursue a political career, the actor said “InshaAllah” with confidence.

When the presenter questioned if Hayat intended to challenge PM Imran for the office of the premier, the actor could not be afraid of exposing his concern for the future female Premier in Pakistan.

“I don’t want to confront him, but somebody will have to take his seat later and I will also be a candidate for the post of the prime minister,” she spiritedly declared.

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