Sunday, October 1, 2023

Meghan Markle says women and sexuality have ‘stigma’

People who demean women for pursuing their “feminine divinity,” as Meghan Markle refers to it, are the target of her criticism.

The Duchess of Sussex, while appearing on the most recent episode of her podcast Archetypes, had the following to say in conversation with author Candace Bushell and trans actress Michaela Jae Rodriguez: “As you’re getting older, you’re exploring and starting to understand your sensuality, your feminine divinity.”

“However, your sexual orientation can be used against you… When [a man] is seen doing something sexual, going out to have fun, or doing anything else, it is often praised and even celebrated.

“But for a woman, I don’t care if she is perhaps the most successful woman in finance in her mid-50s; I promise you someone will still come and say, “Yeah, but she was such a slacker in college.” [Case in point:] “But for a woman, I don’t care if she’s the most successful woman in finance in her mid-50s; I guarantee you: “

She remarked, “It is something that will stay with her.” I don’t understand why the stigma that surrounds women and their sexuality—the exploration of their sexuality—is so much more reviled than it is for males, and I wonder what the experience of being a woman like that is like.

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