Thursday, March 30, 2023

Did Meghan Markle plan her wedding ‘alone’?

As a teenager, Meghan Markle reportedly planned her own wedding. Meghan Markle revealed this on Archetypes.

She began by saying, “I guided some of these young women through my high school experience.”

My Religion 2 class assigned me to organise my own wedding.

Can you imagine? That’s what we did back then, but your generation is like, “What?”

Student: “If we had those assignments now, we would have spoken up.” Someone would have spoken, I’m sure.

Meghan Markle provided wedding advice a week earlier.

She said, “[The message was from] a highly influential and inspiring woman whose identity I won’t reveal for her privacy.”

“She told me, “I know your life is changing, but don’t stop being an activist. Women and girls need you.”

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