Monday, April 15, 2024

Meghan Markle offends South Africans

Meghan Markle upset South Africans with her debut podcast on a royal tour incident.

In the first episode of her podcast series Archetypes, Meghan Markle shared an event prompted by a heater placed in her baby Archie’s nursery while his parents were on royal duties.

Meghan said: “We had to drop him off at our housing unit as soon as we landed. The house burned.”

She said her son wasn’t hurt since his nanny took him downstairs for a snack.

The Duchess outraged South Africans by calling the residence a “house.”

Justine Fairground: “Meghan may mislead Americans, celebrity ‘friends,’ and social media followers, but not Africans. You’ve shown yourself. When you insult the royals, you don’t care who you offend.”

Meghan Markle must never step foot in South Africa again, says podcast presenter Lulama Anderson.

LilyB queried how Meghan depicted South Africa, and Mr. Anderson said, “Optics say it’s not safe…”

Raymond Segodi commented, “Her acting on Oprah convinced me, but after lying about South Africa, I remove my sympathy and fury towards the British media and Royal family.”

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