Sunday, October 1, 2023

Meghan Markle feels women’s ‘sexuality’ is ‘used’

The way in which certain people treat women in today’s society is being called into question by Meghan Markle.

The Duchess of Sussex was a guest on the most recent episode of the podcast titled “Archetypes.” In this episode, she discussed how women are “vilified” if they bring up questions about their sexuality.

This Tuesday, Megan opened her conversation with the following statement: “I don’t understand what it is about the stigma surrounding women and their sexuality, and the exploration of their sexuality, that is so much more vilified than for a male.”

“As you get older, you are discovering and beginning to comprehend your sexuality and your feminine divinity. This is a beautiful time for you. “Oftentimes, your sexuality may be used against you in a very significant way,” she explained to me.

“It’s common practise to congratulate a man on his accomplishments if he’s a player, whether he’s out having fun or engaged in some other activity.” “Even hail,” was what she said. “But for a woman, I don’t care if she’s probably the most successful woman in finance in her mid-50s; I assure you, someone will still go, “But she was such a slacker in college.” “But for a woman, I don’t care if she’s perhaps the most successful woman in finance in her mid-50s.”

According to Markle, the concept of a woman’s sexual journey will “stay with her” like glue for the rest of her life.

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