Sunday, October 1, 2023

Meghan Markle fakes crying for three seconds at Queen’s funeral

According to the royal biographer, Meghan Markle has stated in the past that she is skilled at acting out her tears.

People have said that the Duchess of Sussex cried in a fake way when Queen Elizabeth II was laid to rest in London earlier this year.

Angela Levin made a reference to an interview with the former actress that took place in 2014 at the Soho House in Toronto. In that interview, the actress disclosed that she can fake crying “so good.”

Ms. Levin stated the following to TalkTV: “Meghan was able to fake a tear, or at least I believe she was.”

“She said that the one thing she’s picked up along the way is how to cry out of her left eye. “Count to four,” she murmured to the individual, “and watch me,” and a tear dropped from her eye.
“Not every actress has the ability to make you cry.”

Mr. Levin continued by saying, “You despise this monarchy; you don’t want to come; you don’t want anything to do with it, and yet you’re clinging on to the titles and arguing non-stop for titles with your children, why?”

The following question was posed to Meghan in her video from 2014: “Can you make yourself cry?”
The Duchess gave her reply, which was, “Oh, I can do that so well!

“Oh my god, this is out of control.” They are saying things to the effect of, “Meghan, one tear, left eye, go!”

Before she shed her first tear, the Duchess asked for the audience’s patience by saying, “Give me three seconds.”

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