Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Megan Fox opens up about her ‘horrible’ Hollywood experience

Megan said, "People were amazed that I was funny at all."

Megan Fox did not hold back on how she was treated in Hollywood, revealing that she was frequently cut out of comedic films.

The Transformers star claimed in an interview with The Washington Post that she was frequently cast in provocative parts.

“I think during at least the first decade of my career, there was a prevalent perception of me as a superficial succubus if that makes any sense,” she remarked.

The actress also said that she was passed over for comedic roles because she was not well-known or regarded to be gifted.

She explains, “I was never really established as a talented person.”

“More than being missed for my ability to handle comedy, I’ve always been amazed by how easily people overlook the fact that I’m quite intelligent.”

“How does that become so lost when there are enormous amounts of material that can educate you otherwise?” she continued.

However, she stated that the notion “began to shift more recently when people revisited my interviews, listened to me talk and began to perceive me in a different light.”

She pondered, “I was so lost and trying to grasp, like, how am I supposed to have value or find purpose in this horrible, patriarchal, misogynistic hell that was Hollywood at the time.”

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