Monday, December 11, 2023

Meet Sinf-e-Aahan star Junaid Jamshaid Niazi

In Sinf e Aahan, Junaid Jamshaid Niazi plays Kamil. He’s a rising actor and model. He is a Niazi-Pathan from Lahore. Junaid is married to a well-known journalist Shajia Niazi.

In a recent interview with somethinghaute Junaid Jamshaid Naizi said he acquired this role by chance. “No idea. I just visited Humayun bhai’s office. Sana Shahnawaz and Nadeem Baig saw me and decided I was the right person to represent Kamil.”

Junaid said he was invited to an audition. “I got a call 3 or 4 days later. A huge production house with the top director? Who wouldn’t want that?

Incredibly, Junaid had such a chance. My debut with such a famous cast is still surreal. Amazed!” The affection I’ve received so far is nice,” he said.

“The response to my first scene has been incredible. I’m sure they’ll love future episodes.”

Initially, the actor was nervous, which was understandable. Sinf e Aahan is a large project with a stellar cast.

Yumna Zaidi shines.” “I was nervous on stage, but meeting Yumna and her encouragement helped me perform.”

Yumna’s on-screen chemistry is lauded. “We finally got that on-screen chemistry that people love.”

Many models have turned to acting, but few are great. Junaid had increased expectations after his previous episode’s screen presence.

In contrast to modelling, he claimed acting was terrific.

“Acting is harder than modelling. One must adapt to the character’s emotions. Enter the character’s mind. This is hard work. The attractiveness of each field varies. I enjoy both,” Junaid Jamshaid Naizi added.

Sinf e Aahan It’s about showing society that women are equal to men. The power of passion and resolve My hope is that Sinf e Aahan will promote home debate and break the silence on taboos.

To create an effect in the industry. Film and stage roles await the performer. “We have much to go. “My main ambition is to improve as an actor!” Junaid Jamshaid Naizi said.

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