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Meet Salim Ghauri, Bill Gates of Pakistan

Salim Ghauri is the founder and CEO of NetSol Technologies, a Pakistani information technology company that has been listed on the NASDAQ since 1999. He has been dubbed the “Bill Gates of Pakistan” in honour of his contributions to the information technology industry and his considerable success over the years.

Salim Ghauri wished for a Pakistani IT platform. Using patriotic zeal helped him start his business 39 years ago. NETSOL Technologies was born. It was Salim Ghauri who laid the first brick in 1996. In Pakistan, NETSOL is the sole CMMI Level 5 enterprise. First Pakistani company to be listed on NASDAQ. It controls 90% of the Chinese Asset Financing Software market.

Salim Ghauri is a global IT entrepreneur. His IT interest evolved in Saudi Arabia and Australia. His travels made him realise how much the Pakistani IT sector needed him. His commitment to NETSOL extends to his business and global citizenship. As Honorary Consul of Australia in Punjab, he also serves on the Punjab Population Innovation Fund Board.

Prime Ministers and Presidents of Pakistan have praised Salim Ghauri’s contributions in the ICT sector. He is a leading contributor to mainstream IT centres and software assets. He has served as a Former Chairman of Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT and ITES (P@SHA)

American Business Forum (ABF). Salim Ghauri, former ABF President. It was founded in November 2008 by corporate executives to help American companies in Pakistan communicate and comprehend commercial concerns. Ghauri is also on the FC College Formanites Alumni Advisory Committee, the British Business Centre Pakistan Board of Directors, and the Aitchison College “List of Prominent Personalities”.

Millions of Pakistani youngsters look up to Salim Ghauri, an IT expert who has also altered countless lives. He defined a dream and why it is unattainable. The IT area has a lot of potential but little attention. The nation was aided by Salim Ghauri, who created jobs and promoted gender equality

NETSOL is presently one of Pakistan’s top employers for staff retention. His success story is lauded. Salim Ghauri, after founding the company, now shares his life story with the public. Many prestigious organisations, institutes, forums, and television shows invite him to speak. He also led TiE Lahore, a major Silicon Valley non-profit promoting global entrepreneurship.

Salim Ghauri loves tales. “Ghauri — from Nothing to Everything” tells his entire story in his own words. His way encourages one to be wise, resolute, and optimistic in all situations.

It inspires genuineness, inspiration, and aspiration in the reader. He is often seen in rural and metropolitan areas, guiding and inspiring people, and visiting educational institutions. But he believes in keeping up.

A fitness enthusiast, Salim Ghauri believes in living completely. Salim Ghauri is a complete individual who is passionate about the progress of the IT and Business sectors.

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