Friday, December 1, 2023

Meet Pakistan’s Leading Political TalkShow Host Shajia Niazi

Shajia Niazi works as a journalist as well as a television personality. She is presently the host of the political talk show Meray Mutabiq, which airs on Geo Television.

The segment features prominent anchors Sohail Warraich and Hassan Nisar of Pakistan’s Channel News Asia, who discuss the current political situation in the country. Besides compiling Shajia Niazi’s biographical information, we’ve also included some lesser-known facts about her that you might not have been aware of before now.

As a Journalist in the print industry, she began her professional career at the age of twenty. In addition, she currently serves as a host on Geo Tv’s Meray Mutabiq, in which she also appears on a regular basis. She is a talented young lady who has established a significant fan base on social media sites as a result of her efforts.

However, when she was first asked for a position as an anchorperson, she gently denied the opportunity. It was because she believed that her father would not allow him to work on television because of the family’s reputation that he was fired. After receiving the second offer, she made the decision to speak with her father, which she was successful in doing.

Shajia Niazi Biography

She was born in Mianwali, Pakistan, to a family of four children and is the youngest. Her age is 29. She is 5’5″ tall and weighs 55kg. Her bachelor’s degree in communication and media studies.

She is very active on social networking platforms. She has a lot of friends. She has 102k Instagram followers, which is a significant number of people. She has an Instagram account with the handle shajianiazi. Her Twitter account, on the other hand, has a following of 16.5 thousand people.

A member of the Niazi Pathan family, which has its headquarters in the Pakistani city of Mianwali, she was born in the city. As the first member of her family to pursue a profession in the entertainment industry, she is extremely proud of her accomplishments.

Shajia’s husband’s name is Junaid Jamshaid Niazi, and he is a fashion model in the entertainment sector who is married to the actress Shajia

In addition to being a mother, She is the mother of a daughter. The name of Shajia’s daughter, Ezzah Junaid.

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