Monday, April 15, 2024

Actress Meera got trolled over calling athlete Arshad Nadeem a “Cricketer”

Pakistani actress Meera is famous for her tongue slip in front of the media and it always attracted. This time, Meera commented about Tokyo Olympics finalist athlete Arshad Nadeem. It went viral on internet and many social media users make fun of her.

A video of Meera appeared on the Internet in which she praised the “cricket performance” of the athlete Arshad Nadeem. She told the interviewer that Arshad played very good cricket and she appreciates him.

The actress continues to compliment her body language and says she shows discipline and honesty. She concluded by saying that the government should recognize such heroes.

The video of the interview went viral in no time when social media users started mocking the actress.

It should know that Arshad Nadeem became the first Pakistani athlete to qualify for the Olympics final. He competed in the javelin throw game. He came in fifth. Although he didn’t win a medal, he hs widely regarded as the conqueror of the hearts of Pakistanis.

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