Sunday, October 1, 2023

MEDZnMORE recognizes Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Pakistan

In partnership with Pink Ribbon Pakistan, MEDZnMORE did hold a company-wide event for all of its female employees to raise awareness about the risks of breast cancer.

As a leading health technology company, MEDZnMORE’s goal is to improve healthcare in Pakistan by giving more people access to high-quality services that are also affordable. Since its launch in 2020, people from all over Pakistan are using the website.

They spent a lot of money to build these warehouses with climate control all over Pakistan so that they could meet the needs of their business more easily.

The Karachi branch of MEDZnMORE is already given the honour of placing the event first. A representative from MEDZnMORE went over the value of breast cancer awareness with the staff members. Having a discussion about things such as the symptoms, risk factors, and the proper way to perform a self-exam.

In 2004, Pink Ribbon Pakistan is the first and only organization in Pakistan to focus solely on fighting breast cancer. Raising awareness all over the country. This group doesn’t need money from anyone else because it can run on its own.

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An overview of the series With a total of $11.5 million raised. The start-funding up’s round is the largest of its kind in Pakistan’s history, namely in the health technology sector. To better meet the needs of its audience, is now working on a number of projects and has formed partnerships with some of the most well-known healthcare companies.

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