Sunday, March 26, 2023

‘Jo Bichar Gaye’ dominated by scorching chemistry of Maya Ali and Wahaj Ali

The most discussed drama ‘Jo Bichar Gaye‘ starring Maya Ali and Wahaj Ali is about revolt, riot, and insurrection. The historical drama It is based on historical events such as the Fall of Dhaka, the 1971 Indo-Pak war and patriarchal society.

The latest drama from Haissam Hussain is trending on Twitter since its first episode aired. The multi-layered tale chronicles the slaughter. It also provides opportunities to examine how the awful events developed and influenced the lives of those in the immediate vicinity.

The story of love, life and loss in a war-torn time is engrossing fans. Twitter has flooded with fans expressing their appreciation for the soundtrack, reviews for actors best performances. They also praised the fresh content and brilliant direction. Whereas, the real rage is about the scorching chemistry between Maya Ali as Sonia and Wahaj Ali as Rumi.

The two actors have their own distinct philosophies. They use it to anticipate the inevitable issues that Pakistan and its division would face. Everyone can truly enjoy the friendship between Rumi and Sonia. They are out to slit each other’s throats when it comes to their views and ideals, but that doesn’t stop them from loving for each other.

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