Wednesday, November 29, 2023

May Allah give me strength to put hijab all my life: Humayma Malik

Only Bukhari, known for his presence in Hollywood, has left the industry. A while ago to walk the right path in God’s name. Humayma Malik recently met another lead actor, Humayma Malik, and gave her a head scarf that was praised online for her sweet demeanor.

In an extensive Instagram post, the football actor wrote a heartfelt token of gratitude. “There are very few people in life who expect anything from you except your well-being. Only. They are so noorani (bright) measure PR (my beauty). Thank you for this lovely gift, I love wearing scarves. May Allah add me to this. the person She loves and gave me the strength to wear the hijab for the rest of my life. “

A few weeks ago, the meme of Malik’s appearance on PSL went viral on all social media. Cricket league fans shared their thoughts on how the actor presented himself as a singer and rapper. Imran Khan goes on stage. Several users took advantage of the meme and wrote on Twitter, “Humayma Malik’s contribution to the opening ceremony is the same as Ahmed Shehzad’s contribution to the Champions Trophy.”

On the other hand, some Twitter users used old clips of legend Moine Akhter to express their concerns and feelings.

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