Monday, May 29, 2023

Matthew McConaughey opposes child vaccination mandate

According to Fox News, actor Matthew McConaughey opposes the COVID-19 vaccine for children.

“I couldn’t compel having to vaccinate the younger kids,” he told The New York Times at the DealBook event. I still want to know more.”

Last Monday, the FDA approved the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for emergency use in children aged 5-11.

The actor said he opposes mandating vaccinations for children, but not the COVID vaccine in general.

“I’m immunised. My wife is shot. That’s not why I did it, it’s because I wanted to. Do I believe in a fraud or a conspiracy theory? So he won’t be immunising his kids right now.

Recently, McConaughey admitted to seriously considering running for Texas governor.

“I’m reevaluating my leadership role,” stated the 51-year-old Oscar winner. Because I believe I can teach and give, and what is my role? What category do I fall into in my next life chapter?”

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