Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Maryam says instead of being elected, PPP prefers to be ‘selected’

PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz accused the PPP on Saturday of “sacrificing everything” for “an unimportant and irrelevant office”.

The day before, PPP had gathered 30 senators and then secured the position of candidate Yusaf Raza Gilani without the blessing of PDM.

The figure includes 21 senators from the PPP itself, 2 senators from the Awami National Party, 1 senator from Jamaat-i-Islam, 2 independents from FATA, and a group of 4 “independents” led by Senator Dilawar Khan, who has quit the Balochistan Awami Party. to support Gilani’s candidacy.

“I am happy that you are now mentioning the PDM story, the Mariam Nawaz story,” said Mariam at the beginning of her press conference.

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“Our story can be seen by the whole country. This is the story of Nawaz Sharif; it is a story of democracy, law and the constitution,” he said.

Mariam said that her party was waiting for PDM President Maulana Fazlur Rahman to express her position regarding the matter.

“It is not the PDM defeat that continues to be followed by PML-N. This is the defeat of the people who have sacrificed their principles for small services, ”said Mariam.

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