Monday, December 11, 2023

Marvel’s Avengers problem that displayed IP addresses on-screen for PS5 users now solved

The makers of Marvel’s Avengers have launched a special patch that solves a bad bug that caused the IP address of PS5 users to be shown on-screen. Having your IP address shown creates a particular difficulty for streamers and individuals trying to capture game action.

As your IP address may be used to learn a lot about you (like an approximate idea of your location).

“Patch 1.8b has released. It resolved the issue on PS5 where confidential information has displayed on the screen,” the creators wrote on Twitter. “Streaming PS5 for gamers is now safe.

Following the 1.8 updates finally added new content a lengthy variety of other bug fixes and enhancements. The problem initially occurred on the PS5 version of Marvel’s Avengers on Tuesday.

The creators originally recognized the IP address issue immediately after the first update went live on Tuesday. Although advising users to avoid broadcasting until the problem has fixed.

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