Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Martha Stewart expressed her love for tattoos of Pete Davidson

Martha Stewart recently expressed her love for tattoos of former SNL host Pete Davidson and likes to date a man like him. In a recent interview, the actress played a game called Green Flag, Red Flag. Whereas, she raised a green flag for a man, who has as many tattoos as Pete Davidson.

The actor from Fifty First Dates added, “he has dated such a large number of women. Why even bother?” In response, Stewart made it clear, “No, I’m not saying that’s terrible. That’s a fantastic idea and he has a certain endearing quality about him. I am familiar with him.”

Moreover, “Oh, you weren’t aware that I know him, were you? Do you remember when he appeared on the roast of Justin Bieber alongside me? He was such a twerpy little brat. He was even twerpier than Bieber.”

Stewart proceeded by saying, “But everyone raves about Pete Davidson in such glowing terms. He must be a decent human being, right. He is a good man and he knows how to get in and get out. Furthermore, he has very nice abilities which are enough to make him attractive.”

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