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Marina Iqbal wear heels during T20 National Cup match on the cricket pitch?


A sports journalist questioned former Pakistani cricketer and commentator Marina Iqbal for wearing heels on the cricket pitch during the ongoing T20 National Cup. She took to Twitter to question the commentator without realizing she wasn’t wearing heels.

He asked, “Is it legal to wear heels on a cricket pitch?” As they tag other sports journalists and PCB’s Twitter account.

Marina Iqbal, Pakistan’s top commentator, responded by showing her photo from a different angle, making it clear that she wasn’t wearing heels on the pitch. She added that she was a former international cricketer and knew the rules and regulations.

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He also said the reporter should investigate properly and not rely on things based on “half knowledge.”

Pakistan’s leading sports journalist, Aalia Rasheed, also presented her take on the debate. He said it was better to publicize the game rather than resort to personal attacks for the glory.

Marina Iqbal made her debut in Pakistan in 2009 and played international cricket for six years. He played 36 ODI and 42 T20I, scoring 436 and 340 points respectively.

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