Thursday, June 8, 2023

I was in relationship with filmmaker and got pregnant, says Mandana Karimi

An Iranian actress Mandana Karimi shockingly revealed that she was in relationship with filmmaker and got pregnant. She works in Bollywood and a cast member of the television series ‘Lock Up’.

Everyone has astonished by her revelation of an affair with a producer and had become pregnant as a result. On the other hand, Mandana had eventually cut off from the filmmaker.

According to her recent interview, it’s simply that she didn’t become an actress overnight. She was well aware that anything that occurs in an actress’s life has immediately publicised.

Mandana Karimi did not want to expose the identity of the director with whom she got pregnant. She expressed her thoughts on this by saying, “Of course, I’m not going to name him. There is speculation that filmmaker was may be Anurag Keshp. To be clear, in our younger days, Anurag and I was and still are best friends.”

Furthermore, Mandana Karimi was born in Iran’s capital and migrated to India to seek a career in Bollywood. She met and married fashion designer Guru Gupta in 2017. The marriage did not last long and she divorced him in 2018.

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