Thursday, June 8, 2023

Video of Bollywood bold actress Mandana Karimi dancing in ‘Burqa’ went viral

A video of the Bollywood actress Mandana Karimi dancing in a market while wearing a burqa went viral on social media. Many users on social media platforms have voiced their disapproval over her act.

According to reports, Indian-based Iranian actress Mandana Karimi is frequently in the headlines for her bold scenes. In recent days, Mandana Karimi has condemned for dancing publicly in market while wearing a burqa.

The video of the actress dancing at a store while wearing a burqa quickly went viral when it has shared by her. In the clip, she can seen in Turkey.

In her caption, the actress said, “I really hope that wearing a burqa while filming will be as simple as it is in behind the scenes. I don’t dislike the burqa per se, but I do dislike those who create films while wearing it.”

Users of social media platforms were quite critical of the video. They are claiming that the actress’s actions were offensive to Muslim women. She should feel embarrassed of her move since she shouldn’t have made fun of the headscarf in the first place.

On the other side, millions of people who are admirers of the actress are commenting on the video to express their approval of it. The video had apparently removed from the actress’s social media account after receiving massive backlash.

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