Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Who is Sinf-e-Aahan’s lady officer Major Samia in real life?

In the most recent episode of Sinf-E-Aahan, a lady officer Major Samia made an appearance. The star of the highly anticipated ARY Digital and ISPR production drama is in fact a Pakistan Army’s officer. We can say her a real life ‘Iron Lady’.

As a member of the Pakistani Army, Major Samia was happy to wear the Pakistani flag while serving in a United Nations peacekeeping deployment.

She was a special forces commander in the Democratic Republic of Congo and is an exceptional lady. When she has given the 2019 Special Representative of the Secretary-General Certificate of the Year, she represented Pakistan with pride on the world stage.

Several factors have contributed to the rise of interest in Sinf-E-Aahan. An ISPR effort aimed at creating a strong and progressive narrative for women, particularly those who enlisted in the military. Whereas, each character’s performance is on point and the audience is readily enthralled by the plot.

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