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MagSafe charger works on Galaxy Z Fold2, Pixel 5


Perhaps the most notable addition to the iPhone 12 series (aside from 5G) is the new MagSafe accessories ecosystem. The principle is simple: all new iPhones have a magnetic ring around the wireless charging coil on the back, which can be attached to a variety of accessories, from wallets to holders to wireless chargers. The MagSafe charger is Apple’s first foray into wireless charging for the iPhone after all the AirPower fiasco, but it has now been proven to work well on some non-Apple phones.

iPhone Series

Of course, the MagSafe charger works on the Qi interface, so any device that supports the standard will get power from it. Currently this is the only way to get speeds of 15W in wireless charging on iPhones, but now we can see that it connects to other phones with magnets too. Max Weinbach tested a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 that has its own set of magnets to keep it closed and it worked well.

Max Weinbach

He said the crease has managed to stay connected to the new MagSafe charger without any issues, although the charger can break if you shake it with any force. We also did not get any details on actual charging speeds, although we do assume they will remain at 7.5W as only the iPhone 12s is advertised with speeds of 15W.

The new Google Pixel 5 was also tested with the MagSafe charger in video and held up well. Aaron Zollo, aka zollotech, tested Google’s 2020 flagship with Apple’s new charger and it settled down pretty well.

We know Google designed a round plastic opening in the Pixel 5’s aluminum body specifically for wireless charging, which is why it worked so well. We will be watching to see which other phones perform well with the MagSafe charger.

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