Thursday, April 18, 2024

Love Island is an important aspect of my life, says Margot Robbie

“Love Island” is the “huge part” of her life, says Margot Robbie. The ‘Suicide Squad’ actress is a great admirer of the ITV2, and Hollywood director James Gunn has also disclosed that she is a big fan of the programme.

She said: “This is an important aspect of my life. This element of my life is really significant. James Gunn is really a big admirer as well.”

Joel Kinnaman interviewed Margot and he whispered that she “pressed her to live.”

She asked him: she asked him: “Yes, yes. Yes. Yes. I have been forcing you to try Love Island, but have you ever seen it?”

Oh that’s how he responded: “I guess I’ve seen the film back in the day or maybe it was something like a Paradise hotel or something. Yeah, I gotta come back to it, however.”

Margot revealed that Olivia Atwood and Maura Higgins were her favourite Islanders.

“I’d probably select Olivia Attwood of season three, and Maura Higgins of season five if I had to choose favourites competitors of all times. She told the People Magazine.

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