Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Locked folders for Google Photos will be available soon on more devices

Locked Folders, a new security/privacy feature for Google Photos that was introduced earlier this year, have since gained widespread adoption. As the name implies, this function creates a private folder in which you can save photos and videos that you consider to be sensitive. The only drawback is that the feature was only available for Pixel phones, which is a minor inconvenience.

However, if you are not already a Pixel phone owner and do not intend to upgrade to a Pixel phone in the near future. You will be delighted to know that Google has subsequently announced that the Google Photos Locked Folders functionality will be made available to more devices running Android 6.0 or newer in the near future. What is the best way to tell if you’ve received the new feature?

Users who receive the new Locked Folder function, according to Google, will receive a notification on their devices. The notification of prompting them to set it up as soon as possible. It goes without saying that you must have Google Photos installed on your phone. As well as a device running Android 6.0 or higher in order to receive this notification. Otherwise, you will not receive it.

Google did not specify when the functionality will have implemented, other than to say that it will be implemented “soon,”. So we’ll simply have to keep an eye out for it. It should also be released in stages, so if you don’t got it yet but someone else does. Don’t be too concerned about it.

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