Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Local government survey: ECP sends message to Sindh

The ECP will discuss issues relating to local elections in Sindh, Balochistan and the capital Islamabad on February 11 as legal and administrative disputes continue to hamper elections.

ECP sources said that although the electoral body aims to hold local elections [in provinces and in federal capitals], they expect the provincial government and ICT administration to do what is needed in addition to the official publication of the 2017 census. Г.

Organizers will meet here on February 11 at 10:00 to reconsider the matter and receive information from the provinces on instructions previously given to them. For this purpose, communications in support of the Commission have been sent to the Sindh, Balochistan and federal governments through the Prosecutor General of Pakistan and the Inter-Provincial Coordination Secretariat.

“All attention is on the official release of the 2017 census, and the depiction of constituencies is also tied to this long awaited development,” they said.

Regarding the meeting held at the KPU Secretariat last week, which was not discussed by the media, sources said that it was only possible for the Secretary General of Sindh and Advisor to Attorney General Sindh Murtaza Wahab to take up positions in the electoral districts. after the publication of the census.

And when the election commission asked the Prime Minister’s adviser about the possibility of carrying out this exercise based on the 1998 census, he stated that it would not be possible because of significant demographic changes and population growth. The Balochistan government has also taken a similar position and its secretary general claims that it is similar in position to Sindh and that the constituency designations are linked to the official publication of the census. He also claims that the provincial government intends to make significant changes to the 2010 regional regulations.

Meanwhile, on 17 January 2019, the General Election Commission started a new discrimination process based on the results of the initial census, however, the process was suspended on 12 February 2019 by the Balochistan Supreme Court.

The problem is still awaiting in court and the next hearing in April. As a result, the KPU stated that it was concerned about the determination of the boundary which was still pending even though it had been the last two years.

The General Election Commission also urged the Balochistan Government and the KPU’s Legal Department to seek an initial examination of the case and asked the Secretary General to complete the amendment process as soon as possible. Polling after census publication. With regard to the federal capital, the commission was notified that the Ministry of the Interior had written a letter to the Chief Commissioner of Islamabad to provide the necessary information to the local ECP office.

The Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs stated that the Law on Self-Help Regional Government in the Information and Communication Technology Sector 2015 does not regulate limits based on the results of the initial census.

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