Monday, September 25, 2023

Facebook and Instagram Delete Abusive Comments From Singer Lizzo Social Accounts

Facebook and Instagram have removed some of the hate comments from the American singer Lizzo social accounts. The move comes after the singer spoke tearfully about the “dangerous” violence she received on social networks. A Facebook spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter that the removed comments violated the company’s rules on hate speech and harassment.

Earlier this week, Lico said he had received “fat-phobic” and “racist” online attacks. Lisa, whose real name is Melissa Jefferson, has been a hit record in recent years thanks to hits like Juice and Good as Hell.

The release of the video for their new single Rumors, along with Cardi B’s, caused negative reactions online.

On Sunday Instagram Live, Lizo said, “The days when I need to feel the happiest, I feel really depressed. Sometimes I feel like the world doesn’t love me anymore. It’s like no matter how positive I am. The energy you invest in the world, you will still have people who have something to say about you.”

The singer got emotional and described a 12-hour workday with rehearsals, writing music, recording in the studio, filming and press appointments. He highlighted embarrassing comments about his appearance as one of the most dangerous.

“What I wouldn’t accept is doing this over and over again on black women, especially us big black girls,” she said. “If we don’t match the drawer you want, you’re just spreading hatred against us. That’s not cool. I’m doing this for future big black women who just want to live their lives without being tested or put in boxes.”

Lizzo’s comments come just a week after Instagram rolled out a new feature that lets users limit comments and DM requests to “high jumps”.

A feature that allows users to enable or disable automatically hiding comments from accounts that do not or have recently followed the user.

Facebook, which owns Instagram, announced earlier this year that the company was adopting a tougher stance on instant messaging.

On Wednesday, Lizo spoke about the abuse she received in an interview with Good Morning America.

“I know my job as an artist is to reflect on time and that shouldn’t pass, that’s not true,” he said.

Many social media users over the past few years have wondered why celebrities choose to stay on such platforms when they receive so many negative comments.

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