Wednesday, March 22, 2023

This little robot lives in your stomach and distributes insulin

One way people with diabetes can cope, especially if they are type 1, is to inject insulin. For some, this can happen several times a day, which can be unsettling and not to mention painful. But it seems that researchers from Italy have found a way to deal with it. Researchers have developed a little robot that lives in your stomach to distributes insulin.

Researchers at the School of Advanced Sant’Anna have developed a little robot that lives in your stomach. An internal insulin dispenser is surgically inserted inside the patient, along with a magnetic capsule loaded with insulin.

So what works is that when you need a dose of insulin, you swallow the pill as it moves through your digestive system. With the help of a magnet, the dispenser rotates the capsule, punctures it with a retractable needle and fills it with insulin. The capsule then travels through your digestive system, releasing insulin until it’s empty and you eventually get rid of it.

It’s also based on wireless charging, which means less hassle and less maintenance. It sounds scary when you have something implanted. But we’re sure there are some diabetic patients who may be able to appreciate this method. This is a relatively less painful method of administering insulin.

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