Thursday, February 22, 2024

Video of little kid driving a Toyota Fortuner went viral on internet

A video of 8 years old little kid driving a Toyota Fortuner went popular on the internet after it has posted on YouTube. The video gained thousands of views on YouTube and quickly became a trending topic on social media.

According to reports, the man behind the camera is the boy’s father as well as the vehicle’s owner. However, although many viewers have expressed concern over the video since it encourages underage driving. Other viewers have applaud the little kid for his Fortuner driving abilities.

The video has filmed in an unknown remote place free of strong traffic or a large population. It showed a youngster, who could barely see out the front window. He was operating a midsize SUV, which is both unsafe and illegal in the country.

Unfortunately, there have several cases of this nature in Pakistan. For example, a video showing a youngster driving a Toyota Land Cruiser on the busy highways of Multan became viral on the internet.

The owner of the Land Cruiser and the boy’s father appeared in front of the local authorities to explain what had happened to them. The police issued him a Rs. 1,000 fine and told him not to repeat such a foolish behaviour in the future.

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