Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Lindsey Vonn discusses her ‘difficult time’

American alpine skier Lindsey Vonn recently shared about her body image problems, which started after she was in the spotlight after winning a gold medal at the 2010 Olympics.

According to People magazine, the 36-year-old retired skier Lindsey Vonn said on Tuesday’s episode of TB12’s “Keep Going Podcast,” “While I always seem to feel good about who I am, I definitely don’t always feel that way.”.

“I had a rough time after winning the Olympics because I was kicked out of a ski balloon and placed in this celebrity, friendly balloon and with people half my age,” she told podcast host and TB12 CEO John Burns.

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“I thought, ‘Do I have to look like this? I never really compared myself to anyone,” she recalled.

However, the three-time Olympic champion said she had recently learned to hug her body.

“It was really hard for me, but in the last few years, I got it. I am who I am. I feel like I never thought about my personality or style, but for a positive body image, this is me. Really struggled with that, “said Vaughn.

Vaughn said it’s important to “make them believe in themselves and embrace their uniqueness” when giving advice to parents of young girls who may struggle with their own body image.

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Emphasizing the importance of “just encouraging them to be themselves,” she added, “Sometimes the hardest thing in life is being confident about who you are.”

She told Alexa magazine in the New York Post, “A lot of people say, ‘You shouldn’t wear things like this. It’s just not flattering on your body type.’ “You’re too muscular for that,” or “You’re too muscular for that.” Vaughn’s body has changed since he retired from racing in 2019, and he says he’s received a lot of feedback.

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