Monday, December 4, 2023

Lily Cole apologizes when photos of her wearing a burqa appear

After posing in a burqa to advertise her new book, Lily Cole has apologized.

The 33-year-old model Lily Cole published Instagram’s two images of herself with the face of her work, “Who Care Wins: Raisons for Optimism in Our Changing World.”

“’It’s outside. It’s out. Let’s cover variety at all levels: biodiversity; cultural diversity; thought diversity; voice diversity; idea diversity.”

Nevertheless, because of the volatility in Afghanistan, where the Taliban take office, Lily was confronted with an immediate response forcing many Afghan women to flees their own life urgently.

Women were required to wear head-to-hand covers under the Taliban regime of the 1990s and were forbidden from study or working outside their homes.

Lily quickly took the photos off and commented, “Week I’m going to put out on an old photo from me, we know a lot about me. I have to say that the original purpose is understood by knowing what my face has been, but I have understood why the image is popular and would want to make sure of the accommodation for any of the offences made.

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