Tuesday, May 30, 2023

LHC Stop FIA From Action Against Bashir Memon

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) was prohibited from taking disciplinary action against Bashir Memon after a ruling by the Lahore High Court on Friday.

The former head of the Federal Investigations Agency is being investigated in three separate cases of fraud, money laundering, and human trafficking. Despite the fact that Memon has made a statement to the FIA, he claims that no record of the cases filed against him has been supplied to him in his plea.

Bashir Memon, a former director-general (DG) of the Federal Investigation Agency, filed a complaint with the Lahore High Court (LHC) against the failure to provide him with the records of three cases against him.

The court was compelled to order FIA to provide him with the case records, which he requested in his plea. Following the submission of the petition, the LHC called the law officer of the federal government.

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The Court, while ordering the Federal Investigation Agency to present Bashir Memon with a copy of the record of cases, also deferred the further hearing of the matter till February 3.

In an earlier hearing this week, a Sessions court in Lahore granted Memon an extension of his interim pre-arrest bail until January 31. The court gave notice to the Federal Investigations Agency and ordered the accused to cooperate with the investigation.

The court also ordered the accused to deposit three Rs 50,000 bail bonds, one for each count of the charge.

Additional Sessions will be held. Bashir Memon’s bail requests, filed by Mian Ali Ashfaq Advocate in order to keep him from being arrested, were heard by Judge Naveed Anjum Salimi.

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