Wednesday, February 21, 2024

LHC quashed the stay order in defamation case against singer Meesha Shafi

The Lahore High Court in defamation case against singer Meesha Shafi has stated that the court can hear both the claims simultaneously. A delay of the hearing of the claim by the Sessions Court has consequently cancelled by a court. There was no illegality in it.

Justice Asim Hafeez has issued an eight-page written judgment on the petition of Meesha Shafi. The trial can held simultaneously in the court on the basis of defamatory statements and separate charges against the accused.

The verdict further states that separate witnesses have required to substantiate the claims. The two parties to the claim may be joint and of the same nature. In the current lawsuit, the opposing party has the opportunity to further disparage the petitioner.

It should note that Meesha Shafi had challenged the restraining order issued on the defamation case filed against Ali Zafar. The Sessions Court had stayed the hearing on the claim of singer and ordered to continue the hearing on the claim of Ali Zafar.

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