LHC ordered EDB to secure the installation of airbags in locally produced cars

The Lahore High Court (LHC) has mandated the Engineering Development Council (EDB) to ensure mandatory air bag installation on locally produced vehicles.

Sources told that the Secretary of the Automotive Development Committee (AIDC) announced this at the last meeting of the Automotive Development Committee (AIDC) at the Investment Council (BOI).

The AIDC secretary informed the meeting that Pakistan had passed FPIC regulations and received the E-64 symbol for official communications. The Council for Technical Development (EDB) and the Ministry of Industry and Industry have submitted the regulations listed in the related table as an attachment to the accession document, but the attachments sent by the EDB were not sent by the Secretary General of the aUnited Nations to the WP 29 secretariat in Geneva.

EDB asked for clarification on the WP 29 secretariat, which was answered by a foreign colleague. Pakistan can now choose any term of the 1958 Treaty in addition to the agreed terms. He stated there were no connection fees and no laboratory infrastructure required to adopt the WP-29 regulations. He also clarified that certification or certification by the contract giver, if accredited, can be accepted by the EDB.

He said several spare parts manufacturers had asked several questions which had been sent to the UNECE FP 29 Secretariat and the answers had been communicated to the industry. Industry requested a clarification meeting between industry and FP 29 from the Director General of UNECE.

He also said that the Lahore Supreme Court ordered EDB to ensure the installation of airbags is mandatory in a recent decision to include them on the agreed list. Security provisions agreed upon by stakeholders are included in the Federal Revenue Council’s declaration of exemptions, i. H. SRO 656 with a schedule, its extension may be the prerogative of the EDB.

Ali Asgar Jamali, chairman of the Pakistan Automobile Manufacturers Association (PAMA), said the industry is ready to implement the WP-29 regulations in stages. IMC Director (Technical) Mr. Tariq Ahmed Khan agreed to the leadership of PAMA, saying that a grace period was needed for the airbags. President, EDB has asked the opinion of newcomers on this issue.

All newcomers agree to adopt this rule. The AIDC Secretary stated that newcomers are required by law to enforce the provisions of WP-29 as per the agreement signed between the MoIP and the newcomer. President, PAMA approved 16 regulations, including duct air bags. He said that PAMA had submitted a proposal that was approved by all PAMA members.

However, he added that the third party / certification must be accepted by the client or if the facility is set up in Pakistan; PAMA members can test their cars from Pakistan. He also said: “If we are to increase production and protect the environment, there must be an old vehicle retirement policy. Vehicles have been dangerous for decades and damaged the environment.”

Zaheer-ud-Din Dar, CEO of Dartways, asked if a tire or lighter seller needed WP-29 compliance.

It was decided to submit 16 registered rules to the government for inclusion in SRO 656 (FBR release notification with a reasonable deadline, its extension may be EDB’s prerogative.

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