Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Appeal of actress Meera against declaring marriage to Atiq-ur-Rehman valid dismissed by LHC

The appeal that actress Meera filed against the decision of her marriage to Atiq-ur-Rehman as genuine has dismissed by the LHC. The highest court threw down the petition since the actress Meera and her counsel did not show up for the hearing.

The attorney representing actress Meera did not show up in court despite the fact that the court had issued multiple summonses. It is possible to recall that on May 28, 2018, the Family Court dismissed the allegation of declaring Atiq-ur-marriage Rehman’s certificate to be a forgery.

Actress Meera had filed an appeal against the verdict of the Sessions Court at the Lahore High Court. However, the LHC dismissed the appeal of Meera on the grounds that she had not appeared in court during the proceedings.

The actress Meera said that while they were filming the movie in Dubai, Atiq-ur-Rehman created a false marriage certificate. To achieve his goals of gaining popularity and blackmail, Atiq-ur-Rehman pretended to married and got a forged marriage certificate.

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