Monday, December 11, 2023

LHC allows transgender people to take the PPSC exam

The Lahore Supreme Court has ordered the Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) to consider a transgender’s application for an ongoing review to appoint Urdu teachers according to the eligibility criteria.

The order was issued by Judge Faisal Zaman Khan, who heard the petition from Fayazullah, a transgender person, after refusing to apply for an exam and not giving a work quota to the transgender community.

Responding to court requests, PPSC lawyers previously said the commission would not object to allowing transgender importers to review if the Ministry of Higher Education (HED) gave its approval.

In response to a question about the department’s opinion, a department official told LHD that HED had no objection to the applicant’s appearance for examination as soon as he or she had met the required admission criteria. He said the department had decided to consider Fayazula’s candidacy as a candidate.

The applicant’s lawyer, Ali Zaidi, argued that the PPSC alleges that only male and female applicants can apply for this job and no entertainment is provided for members of the transgender community.

He said the government policy was discriminatory and contrary to the human rights of citizens. Ali Zaydi also claims the controversial policy also violates the 2018 Transsexual Protection Law.

After the trial, Judge Khan withdrew the petition because the applicant’s complaint had been processed and it was determined that other members of the transgender community could apply for the position if they met the basic criteria for the position advertised by PPSC Fulfills.

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