Wednesday, November 29, 2023

World powers pledged to provide aid to Lebanese Army in worst crisis

A number of countries have pledged to provide emergency assistance to the Lebanese Army to prevent its collapse in the face of the country’s deepest political and economic crisis. States parties are required to provide food, medicine, spare parts for military equipment and even fuel. Although they are not required to pay salaries directly. The military shopping list is worth millions of dollars. They have not disclosed details of the assistance on offer.

Lebanese Army Chief Joseph Aoun joined a virtual meeting of world powers hosted by France. He said that the nation will have dire consequences if the crisis in the country continued and military wages continued to fall. The situation is critical. Lebanese currency has also lost 90 percent of its value against the US dollar and caused soldiers’ salaries fallen. How can a soldier support a family on no more than $90? If it not mitigated, the crisis inevitably lead to the collapse of all state institutions, including the Lebanese Armed Forces.

Moreover, Aoun said the military is the only guarantee of security and stability in Lebanon. Also the most trustworthy institution in this country and around the world. LAF is an important pillar of the Lebanese state and plays a key role in every problem in the country. It is very important to maintain cohesion and support the LAF in fulfilling its mission.

Efforts by France for stability of Lebanese Army

Two diplomats told media that little was offered during the meeting. Although most countries were preparing to offer bilateral assistance in the future. If many countries provide significant bilateral assistance, the severity of the Lebanese crisis requires increased commitment and coordination from all concerned powers.

Lebanese Army describes France as essential to the stability of the country. It held meetings with partners including the United States, Russia and China, as well as European powers and several Arab states in the Persian Gulf, but not with Saudi Arab.

Paris has tried to increase pressure on the dispute with Lebanese politicians. Their follow-up mechanism will oversee and coordinate any aid that would go directly to the military rather than through government channels.

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