Monday, May 29, 2023

Leather Export Rise 6% in three months

The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) claimed that the country’s leather exports increased by 5.99 percent during the first three months of the current fiscal year (2021/22) when compared to the same time the previous year, according to the report.

According to the report, Pakistan exported leather worth $154.457 million for the period July-September 2021/22, compared to exports worth $145.733 million during the same period in the previous year, representing an increase of 5.99 percent.

Exports of leather garments, which accounted for 3.79 percent of total leather product exports last year, grew to $80.487 million this year, an increase from $77.551 million the previous year.

Leather glove exports increased by 8.07 percent to $69.387 million from $64.206 million, representing a total increase of $8.07 million.

The exports of all other leather manufacturing items climbed by 15.27 percent over the time period under consideration, rising to $4.583 million during the current fiscal year from $3.976 million the previous year, according to the data.

When comparing September 2021 to the same month the previous year, leather exports increased by 1.31 percent.

The value of leather exports in September 2021 was $48.139 million, compared to the value of leather exports in September 2020, which was $47.515 million.

Also increasing by 9.37 percent and 12.51 percent, respectively, were exports of leather gloves and other leather manufacturing products during the time period under consideration. Additionally, exports of leather garments fell by 6.10 percent, a fall from the previous year.

According to the PBS data, the exports of leather production climbed by 8.90 percent on a month-to-month basis during September 2021, compared to the exports of $44.206 million in August 2020.

Exported leather garments and gloves increased by 3.19 percent and 15.17 percent, respectively, month over month, while all other leather manufacturing exports jumped by 12.02 percent, according to the International Trade Statistics Agency (ITA).

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