Friday, July 23, 2021

Lady Gaga Bulldogs Returned Safe

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Two stolen Lady Gaga bulldogs kidnapped in a forced kidnapping that saw a pet chest shot in the chest in Hollywood this week.

They have been turned over to the police and reunited with the pop singer’s representatives, police said.

The greetings for Koji and Gustav came hours after Gaga, who was filming in Rome when her pet was kidnapped Wednesday night, asked social media for an “act of kindness” to bring them home.

One woman, who was not publicly identified by the authorities, took the dogs to the LAPD station unscathed and they were turned over to musicians’ representatives on Friday, according to Los Angeles Police Department spokesman Mike Lopez.

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However, two men who allegedly stole pets with guns from their hunter, Ryan Fisher, 30, are still at large, Lopez said.

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