Saturday, July 24, 2021

ACCA Topper Girl is the nephew of Aleem Dar

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Zara Naeem, an ACCA student from Lahore, has been speaking in the city since last week when she was named World Best Recipient for the December 2020 Financial Reporting Exam.

You will be surprised to learn that Zara Naeem is the nephew of the famous Pakistani umpire, Aleem Dar. This was revealed after Aleem Dar shared a video congratulating Zara Naeem on making Pakistan proud by leading the ACCA exam.

Watch the video as Aleem Dar is excited to hear that his nephew Zara Naim Dar is running the ACCA global audit and has made the country proud.

He added that, like Zara, every young Pakistani can make the nation proud by presenting himself in the best possible way in their respective fields.

Zara attributes success to her father, who always encourages all girls in the family to fulfill their dreams and break all artificial barriers.

Zara Naeem has also been trending on Twitter since last week as social media users have continued to congratulate her performance as ACCA qualifications are considered the gold standard in accounting and are recognized and present in more than 179 countries around the world. More

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