Thursday, February 9, 2023

America Is Back: Biden vows in Munich speech

America is back: US President Joe Biden‘s recent speech at the Munich Security Conference largely echoed those made earlier at the G7 summit. He sat with world leaders and spoke about his efforts to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. Also about the US foreign policy agenda.

At a real-world security conference in Munich, Biden announced that the United States will withdraw from the so-called Trump administration. Furthermore he told foreign leaders that its mandate will aim at strengthening the transatlantic alliance.

Its Biden’s first major appearance on the world stage, the president promised the country’s traditional allies. He was more than willing to cooperate on a wide range of topics, including arms control, COVID-19. Also cyber hacking and the worsening climate crisis.

“America is back, the transatlantic alliance is back. We are not looking back, we are going forward together,” said Biden. “The partnership between Europe and the United States, in my opinion, will remain the foundation of everything we hope to achieve in the 21st century.”

“We can’t just focus on competition between countries that threatens to divide the world. Also that threatens to drown us all if we don’t cooperate. We have to do both, work with our allies and partners on foot,” he continued.

In a bid to dispel “old doubts” about the true intentions of the United States. Biden stressed that Washington will continue to work “closely” with European partners and adhere to the Alliance’s joint protection clause known as Article 5. “This is our firm oath,” he said.

Promised to stop the rise of ISIS

Biden said America is back and referred to the NATO alliance several times in his speeches. He citing the group as an anchor for global security challenges, including those posed by decades of US in Afghanistan.

“My administration is very supportive of the ongoing diplomatic process and the end of this war, which will end in 20 years,” he said. “We continue to work to ensure that Afghanistan never again offers a base for terrorist attacks on the United States, our partners and our interests.”

He also said the United States and its European partners “cannot allow ISIS to re-open, regroup and threaten people in the Middle East and elsewhere”.

The Commander-in-Chief also cited his recent orders to stop the withdrawal of some 12,000 US troops stationed in Germany as part of a Pentagon plan to carry out a full review of the way US troops has deployed around the world.

“I am also increasing the ceiling imposed by the previous administration and the number of US troops that can station in Germany,” said Biden. Trump’s initial withdrawal order aimed largely at Democrats and Republicans, who view the presence of US troops in Germany as the cornerstone of a post-World War II order.

“I know the last few years had tense and tested our transatlantic relations. But the United States determined to return to Europe.”

Biden’s remarks has welcomed with open arms by Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karenbauer. He told media on Friday that “this signal is being heeded and well understood”. He added, “Now it is up to us to take the hand that Washington is holding.”

Democratic progress is under assault

Democracy Will and Must Win — Joe Biden

While acknowledging that collective strength is key to empowering transatlantic alliances. Biden also warned that in the United States and Europe, “democratic progress is under attacked by authoritative leadership. Whereas seeking to dominate the global order.”

“Our partnerships have endured and grown over the years because they are rooted in our wealth of shared democratic values. They are not transactions. They are not extractive,” said Biden, referring to Trump’s previous tactics of reshaping allies as defined by economic rivals. .

“In many places, including Europe and the United States, democratic progress is under attack.”

“We are at a tipping point between those who say autocracy is the best way to meet all the challenges from the fourth industrial revolution to the global pandemic,” they said, “and those who understand that democracy is essential, essential to addressing these challenges,” continued Biden. , adding that he believes “democracy will and must win” and America is back for democracy.

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