Saturday, February 4, 2023

Three fighters, three policemen killed in Occupied Kashmir

A freedom fighter attacked policemen and killed in occupied Kashmir. Incident happened on a busy road in the disputed capital Srinagar. It is the latest in a series of deadly attacks involving visiting 24 foreign ambassadors.

A total of three police officers and three freedom fighters died as a result of the violence. The most recent killings occurred just hours after the envoys left the area.

Access to Kashmir has restricted to foreigners since the government ended semi-autonomy in 2019. Also most Muslim-majority areas have suspended for the duration of diplomats stay.

Friday’s incident is the fourth involving anti-India fighters since envoys arrived on Wednesday.

The two officers were standing outside a shop in Srinagar when a fighter pulled an automatic rifle from under his robe and opened fire. This reveals surveillance video footage released by the police. The attackers fled as the passers-by cowered.

On Wednesday, freedom fighters shot dead and injured the son of a well-known non-Kashmiri restaurant owner in Srinagar. According to the police, three people have arrested.

Three fighters aslo killed in occupied Kashmir. The clashes occur with Indian forces in the Shopian region of the Kashmir Valley on Thursday.

Earlier in the day, during another military search operation in the Beerwah area, militants killed one policeman and injured another before fleeing, police said.

New Delhi moved to give greater control over the occupied territories in August 2019 – a large security blanket was imposed and dozens of local politicians were arrested.

Some remain in detention, although most restrictions have been gradually lifted.

Before the ambassador’s visit, where diplomats from many African, Asian, European and Latin American countries met with local leaders, authorities lifted restrictions on high-speed 4G internet.

India dismissed concerns from UN Experts

On Thursday, India dismissed concerns from two UN legal experts that “demographic changes for reasons of language, religion and ethnicity” were taking place.

“The change in law and therefore the direct rule by the administration implies that the people of occupied Kashmir cannot self-governing anymore. Also haven’t the power to pass laws or change laws,” the explanation said.

“This fear is baseless,” replied the Indian Foreign Ministry.

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